‘‘ SMART Document ‚‚

Amricon’s innovative and patented SMART Document technology allows document protection and verification of authenticity using state of the art RFID technology. Security of important documents is made possible by SMART Document’s easy and secure storing of critical authentication information.

SMART Document Benefits: 

  • Prevents and reduces forgery of critical documents
  • Provides exceptionally high level of security
  • Allows secure sharing and transfer of sensitive information
  • Streamlines business process
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time, money and resources
  • Improves productivity

SMART Document provides state of the art authentication and protection solution for paper-based documents like:

  • Legal Documents
  • Educational Certificates
  • Financial Documents
  • Trade Licences
  • Title Deeds
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Drug Control system
  • Online applications

SMART Document Vehicle Registration 

This solution is designed to be integrated with the Police Force Vehicle Registration software systems. The Police Force will process their vehicle registration in the usual fashion. The only difference is that they will produce a Vehicle Registration SMART Label. This SMART label will be unique to that particular vehicle/person and will contain validation information.

The Vehicle Registration Disc will be placed on the inside of the vehicle windscreen. 

The Police officers will be provided with reading device/mobile phone/PDA which will contain the validation program. On presentation of the reading device to the vehicle registration disc all of the information relating to the vehicle is read.

SMART Document Drug Control

The protection of controlled drugs provided by the company Amricon provides the highest level of protection and security for these types of drugs against any manipulation or abuse. In the field of protection of drugs and in the standardization of system to handle various data systems in various work environments. Amricon ensures protection and control for exchange of drug using the latest technology and software in this area.


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